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The Stretch

March 18, 2010


Coming into the stretch run and the Oilers are barely a shout from the bleachers in my mind. I PVR’d a game the other night and then forgot to watch it. I’m excited for the draft, but now with last placed sealed, there’s absolutely no worth in watching the team play their remaining games. I like hockey, I like the team, but I’m almost a better fan by reading about new prospects and potential drafts.

So I apologize for being a little more infrequent lately. My peewee team is on an unlikely, though predictable run through Edmonton’s city playoffs, and that’s obviously a lot more fulfilling than watching a story unfold when we already know the ending.


Post Script

March 11, 2010

Boy, I hope I can play for the worst team in the universe.

Edmonton Oilers’ fans don’t know what the future holds for the long -term stability of the franchise or the immediate impact trade deadline aquisitions will have on the team’s day-to-day dealings (read:losing every day). This fact is getting a little tired for me; I think about the team often, I watch games, though with far less interest in the Oilers as opposed to who they are playing.

An example of this is the fact that I attended the game the other night vs. Ottawa, and since I started writing my thoughts on the interwebs for all to see, it didn’t even occur to me to post something about it. As in, who cares what anyone has to say about this sorry team? We get it, fans want the first overall pick. Yeah, Horcoff BLOWS. Gagner can’t score in the shoot-out. Bo-ring. Wait, a couple trades for a couple players that are trying to make good! Hey, a little bit of excitment! Oh, wait, nope, these players just got traded to the Oilers.

Sigh, someone come get me when it’s over.

P.S. Count me as a vote for Tyler Seguin.

My Take on The Trades

March 7, 2010

Oh, but the slightest ray of hope is a cruel beast.

The Edmonton Oiler’s hockey squadron played an NHL-sanctioned hockey match on Friday night against the Minnesota Wild. Minnesota often lacks the entertainment value one can retrieve from watching grass grow, but this particular sports event happened to be ripe with the dramatics that can only be created by the National Hockey League’s imposed trading deadline. Many players switched to many new teams and new cities, stoic and prepared for the challenge of competing for Lord Stanley’s holiest of steins. More players still traded to teams engulfed in bitter races toward the league’s finish line, the end of the season, that time which will decide the post-season fates of so many teams ensconced in playoff-purgatory: the bubble, the saddle of the cut-line that decides who continues their season and who barely misses.

And other players get traded to the Edmonton Oilers. Just simply the worst that hockey, nay, LIFE has to offer. A petty joke played on the organization’s fans so to even the balance of hockey, for these Edmonton Oilers once dominated the broad galaxy that was professional hockey, and the city they called home rode the wave of success and pride for many moons. The league is laughing, Bryan Trottier’s ghost is spinning his bowler hat on the tattered Oiler’s flag he keeps stored at the top of a flagpole while dancing the too-quick Charleston in black and white. Shield your eyes, right?


Ryan Whitney is a joy to watch. I believe that players ought to be placed into roles, the result of which may be they lose confidence because of accepting said role before they were ready, or perhaps they rise to the occasion. I’ve watched Ryan Whitney play precisely one (1) NHL hockey match, thus I boldly proclaim they he may have all the advantages of the latter. Best of luck to him, I honestly think he’s a great fit at this point in his career and at this point in the Edmonton Oilers rollercoaster history.

It Can Always Get Worse

March 5, 2010

Lubo is for the quacking!

A wise philosopher once said that we needed to regress in order to progress, and never has that statement rang more true. Granted the guy’s name was Shredder and for some reason I could also see through time, but the point remains that the Edmonton Oilers hockey squadron just regressed in a mighty way. They’re icing a d-corps straight out of the AHL (the ECHL for a lotta teams), and one of the guys they just picked up on waivers has as many points as the team’s highest paid centreman.

This is going to get worse before it gets better. Man, I hate being right all the time. I don’t even want to write about the players that are gone. It hurts I tell you. It’s amazing how one can become attached to a professional athlete.

5 Ways to Watch Team Canada Win Gold

March 2, 2010


Following Team Canada’s probable (though often doubtful) securing of the gold medal and our country solidifying itself as the greatest nation ever built, it’s important to remember how the world was won. I firmly believe that I was probably the biggest reason that they won.

1. Walk down to the neighbourhood coffee and arts shop, grab a cup of joe and a cream soda, and begin the path to new vibrations and the height of excitement.

2. Spill the cream soda on the carpet before the game starts because the coffee is kicking in.

3. Secure yourself a spot on the floor in front of the couch because your heart just won’t be able to take it if you’re a further foot away from the action.

4. Grasp your chest repeatedly and feel regret for pushing your adrenaline to the limits of human consciousness when the greatest game of all time was sufficient enough to make you the nervoustest person in Alberta.

5. Gloat because you called it.

What a Game!

February 25, 2010

Team Canada has made a believer out of me! Electrifying action in both ends, some of the game’s best superstars either filling a pivotal role or stepping up on the big stage, and a goaltender that played for his team and his country. I don’t want to say anything negative whatsoever, so I won’t. I’ll only say this: Brendan Morrow deserves a massive amount of credit for his role in the win and the entire tournament up until this point, and I think it’s obvious he’ll continue to raise his game. Another dangerous fact for my boy Lubo and the Slovaks is that there’s no way Sidney Crosby has shown his best yet. He’s cerebral, you can see him think the game at such a higher level, and the games will escalate to the point where his epic nature will take hold and show Canada yet another level of pride and glory.

Go Canada!

Go Canada!

February 24, 2010
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Alright, I couldn’t stand my front page having a giant picture of Vince any longer, and I also feel much better today regarding honesty and my place within minor hockey in Edmonton. I’ve found a new group of young athletes that are craving direction and encouragement, and it’s certainly refreshing. I’ve also started off on the right foot, being up front and honest, while maintaining professionalism. Plus I’m having a blast.

Tonight I’m happy to cheer for several players that I tend not to during the season. We’re all on the same side now.

Go Canada! Go Hockey!