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I’m Back

June 23, 2010

A lot has happened since May 6th, the last time I wrote here. Chorus Magazine launched, a herd of bees invaded the World Cup, and scores of wildlife decided to take mudbaths in the Gulf of Mexico all at the same time. I’ve had some ups and downs as well, and wouldn’t you know it, they’ve all been related to the beautiful game in some way or another. And by beautiful game I mean hockey. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ, that’s the sound soccer makes, and it’s poor.

Quinn: Good move. Renney is extremely sharp and able to motivate young players by giving them structure. The Oilers’ new or semi-new players will be put in situations where they have a chance to succeed, which is a refreshing return to the MacT era, though I don’t think Renney has any of the MacTavishisms that see players like Toby Petersen playing the point on the powerplay. Renney has also demonstrated an ability to keep high-maintenance stars like Jaromir Jagr happy while maintaining a fair balance with the rest of the team. Hemsky will be better this year, you’ll see. And with Hemsky’s improvement you’ll see Penner’s as well.

Draft: Hall. I want them the team to draft Seguin, though I know not what the better choice will be. There’s also a strange feeling in my heart that says I’ll be dissapointed if they don’t draft Hall, though I think Seguin has greater intelligence and will be a stronger ambassador for the team.

Hall of Fame: Who cares?

The summer is nearly upon us, the NHL entry draft will signal the beginning of a new era for the Oilers with Tom renney at the helm and a score of young players battling their way into the league. I said many times last year, I’ve been able to cut myself off emotionally from the Oilers when I desperately need to, during times when their is just simply nothing interesting to talk or write about, but those days seem to reside safely in the past. From here on in, being a fan of the Edmonton Oilers hockey squadron promises to be nothing if not interesting.

I used the word score to describe two different things in this article.

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