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Oilers vs. Coyotes

February 8, 2010

Um, I doubt it.

The Phoenix Coyotes are 130 games above .500, which is not too shabby for a team that was two minutes away from being moved to Hamilton this summer. Wayne Gretzky stressed in the summer that winning solves everything. I don’t think that’s true of all NHL franchises, but if anyone had insight into the attendance situation at Arena I’d love to hear it. What, I could easily research this myself? Forget it.

In other news, the Olympics start this weekend. It’s going to be a wonderfully hedonistic experience to let my heart get caught up in a hockey team and to cheer for a program that has a snowcone’s chance in hell of accomplishing something worthwhile. Go Heatley! I was debating last night with a guy on my beer league hockey team (which means he’s literally guaranteed to be right) the fact that Canada has zero game-changers, whil Russia has Ovechkin and Malkin, Sweden has Peter Forsberg, and the United States have a bikini-babe holding up a budweiser sign stolen from Nascar that means to distract the other team. Put the blinders on, Patrick Kane!

Oilers vs. Phoenix tonight. I’ve got a quiet night of sighing at the TV ahead of me.

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