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Oilers vs. Penguins

January 14, 2010

Lookin' good, guys.

What are these guys thinking? My boy Visnovsky takes his first shot on net since dinoaurs walked the earth, O’Sullivan is having the game of his career, Steve Staios is shutting the door on Sidney Crosby, and the Oilers have two powerplay goals in the second period? Don’t they know what’s at stake here?

Oh wait, there we go. Good job guys! I don’t even know if I’m being sarcastic!

– 1st period
– I’m glad Devan Dubnyk is in the net. Man I get tired of being right.
– I miss most of this period because I’m at work and some guy decides that beer league is worthy time to spear someone in the face and cut them for 5 zippers.
– Finishes 0-0, good sign that the Oilers might actually pull this one out, because that’s what they usually do with the best teams on the planet. Thanks guys, just screw with our brains even more.

– 2nd period
– Evgeni Malkin just dangled around the entire Oilers zone and drew a penalty. That’s more like it, boys.
– I just noticed that as soon as I started writing the Oilers figured the game was over and shut down the mill.
– How much has Ethan Moreau played tonight? I haven’t seen him.
– Dubnyk just killed a penalty by himself. It’s obviously just one game, but that’s how opportunity-grabbing starts.
– Chris Cuthbert rules. I used to despise Ray Ferraro when he worked for Sportsnet, I couldn’t stand how he talked abnout Jarrett Stoll’s childhood puppy during a 5 on 3 in overtime, but I like his honesty these days. And how much he hates Patrick Stefan.
– Robert Nillson is playing awesome. I love it when guys run into the goalie and then everyone just jumps in like they’re 6. I like Malkin even more now.
– 2nd period is done. I’m sure enjoying this, but at what cost?

– 3rd period
– Solid start, Fleury’s playing awesome.
– They’re going to screw this up.
– Yep. It was exciting and fun to watch them lead for a change, but I won’t lie and say I’m not relieved.
– I don’t want to write about this anymore.

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  1. January 14, 2010 10:29 pm

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