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On New Years Day!

January 1, 2010
Those are the splittiest splits I've ever seen.

Those are the splittiest splits I've ever seen.

Unless I forget, I’m going to try to use song lyrics for titles so I can match my articles with my new hipster glasses. Someone remind me in comment form, please. And feel free to guess the song and/or band!

I don’t feel much like writing about the Oilers today. I have a headache and my chest is pounding and the mere act of typing drains the breath from my lungs, but that all pails in comparison to how guys like Steve Staios must feel. Every day they wake up is like a brand new hangover since Chris Pronger left town, and we’re forced to watch it unfold in front of our eyes. I did my best to strike it from memory last night after the boring-by-comparison Oilers vs. Flames game, and it worked alright because I had the absolutely riveting, intense and hard-fought Team Canada game to think about as I took advantage of an exciting, if peculiar, holiday. I also wrote about my unsettling feeling about the new year already, so I suppose I’m posting just for the sake of posting. Wait, that’s the whole point.


  • The NHL and Hockey Night in Canada did an awesome job with the outdoor classic today, the look and feel of the afternoon at Fenway Park almost made me pick my sorry ass up to go for a spin on the ODR right outside my window. Then I realized that I left my skates at work. And that I’m allergic to human contact. And that I don’t really deserve all the extra brain cells I have. The Bruins’ jerseys were phenomenal, and the announcement of Team USA was classy and exciting, especially when good-guy Tim Thomas re-appeared to join his young stand-in teammates. This was after Elliot Friedman almost let the cat out of the bag, asking Thomas if he was excited about the Olympic team’s official announcement.
  • Why are there no Star Wars movies on the TV today? It’s January 1st, isn’t that supposed to be a tradition?
  • I’m looking forward to getting back behind the bench after a bit of time off from the hooligans.
  • I wish I could see a ghost.
  • Hilarious (though probably not verbatim) quote from Demetri Martin: “I was in a store trying on clothes, and the person working said to me, “Hi, I’m Erin if you need me.” Wow, I’ve never met someone with a conditional identity before.”
  • Tomorrow’s a big day for me, and I’m happy to say I’m getting older. And wiser and handsomer (like that’s even possible).
  • I don’t have much else to offer, my brain feels like it’s in one of those jars of green liquid, receiving nutrients and protein necessary for the gift of life, thus it’s a little busy and not in the mood to write, even if it is its own audience. I need to be famous!
  • So in conclusion, everyone obviously wants the best of the new year for all their friends, co-workers, and that guy who drives his Toyota Prius up to the dumpster behind their apartment every day to grab all the bottles, but I think I’ll play it safe and just hope and have faith that the new decade will inspire and deliver for myself and my family, even when they think Transformers was a good movie and that capitalism is the way to go. At least they cheer for the Oilers and they know that Grebeshkov and co. are just playing a giant sarcastic joke on all of us. They’re still alright, and they’re all I’ve got. My family, I mean. The Oilers BLOW.
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  1. Jenn permalink
    January 4, 2010 1:14 pm

    Transformers was a good movie. You’re just a movie snob. I like the “Links” addition on your blog page.

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