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December 23, 2009

Impressive snipe Crooked-Face!

Hockey will always be fun to watch and fun to teach. In the midst of the Dark Ages for the Edmonton Oilers, we in this city can still take solace in the fact that we have an NHL team to watch and to cheer for. Wait, that doesn’t make any sense when compared with my post from yesterday; I believe I said something about the worst rink in the league, the quiet fans and the uber-dumb players. So where are the positives?
We get to watch the sport of hockey. Yeah our team blows, and has for a long time, the rink obviously sucks, but we get to watch games on Sportsnet, TSN, CBC once a year and the bush-league payperview.
Wait, we could be cheering for a team in another city? Sure, they’ll go through their ups and downs as well, but at least there will be a glimmer of hope. Wait, you can’t hardly ever see out-of town games on TV. My sister lives in Nanaimo, and it’s incredibly frustrating to not be able to watch your team o’ choice. So I guess that’s out.

Really then, there’s not really any options, and even if there were, I was born here and I’ve cheered for the Oilers my whole life. The prospect of a first overall pick is exciting, it’s something that hasn’t happened since I was coherent enough to care or understand the long-term ramifications. My desire for the team to win every time I watch outweighs my need for long-term stability however, so when I sit down to watch them play the red-hot Minnesota Wild (!) tonight, I’m pulling for a win.

Watching hockey is fun. The commeraderie, teamwork, sacrifice, beautiful plays, snappy passes and tough hits are my idea of solid entertainment. I also appreciate defensive zone coverage, blocked shots and intelligent play, but somehow the Oilers still manage to disappoint even when the situation is completely within their control.

Anyway, this is dangerously close to getting away from me. I’ll continue to sit and watch when I can, use the team and my own experiences to inspire my blog, and I suppose inspiration is more than one could ask for this Christmas.
(Single Tear.)

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