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That’s Unpossible.

December 21, 2009

All style, all the time.

Tonight marks my first attendance at a regular season Oiler game since they played the hapless Florida Panthers during the pre-season. Leading the way that night were Mike Comrie, who had 65 goals in exhibition and Patrick O’Sullivan, who seemed like a very worthy return from Erik Cole at the time. Now those guys can’t breathe on the ice or off. Get it? haha, Comrie has mono! And O’Sullivan chokes on the ice, like, um… he can’t make with the score-shoosting!

Watching a game live is obviously different then watching the tube, there’s no Gene Principe, but there are classless fools that yell for Robert Nilsson to shoot on a powerplay when he’s behind his own net. I also am not a fan of my elbows becoming one with the elbows of the large man beside me, or the two people wearing Senators jerseys that feel the need to cheer their asses off during the TV time-outs. Wait, why am I going to see this game live? Rexall Place is the absolute worst place on Earth to watch live sports action or concerts. Get a  new rink already before the Oilers trade Tom Gilbert to the Islanders for a 17th round pick.

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