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No Heroes

December 18, 2009

Make Good Score-Pass!

I’ve been searching for 3 and a half years to try to find a cool picture for my blog. I wanted the picture to represent the Oilers, who are usually behind my inspiration for writing, but I also wanted it to represent my laid-back approach towards life and my cool demeanour. And dry wit. And handsomeness.

Anyway, I tried to think of who my favorite Oiler was. Immediately Doug Weight came to mind, but for some reason he doesn’t play here anymore. I thought it dumb to have a picture of an Islander or an old picture of Doug during his heydey with the Oil. I started writing about hockey and coaching and whatnot just a couple weeks ago, however, so I wanted to make it look current.

To my dismay, I had a really hard time thinking of my favorite current Oiler. Cheering for Dustin Penner seems really easy, and I do like the player, but since my roomate and I took a ton of heat the last few years because we thought that he was talented enough to work out for the Oilers in the longrun I now find it difficult to jump on the bandwagon. Screw off Penner! I decided to go with Lubomir Visnovsky because he does everything I admire in a hockey player; passes the puck hard, plays his position well, has a rocket for a shot and he’s got enough dangles that work more often than not, unlike every other player on this team.

Apparently Lubo isn’t very photogenic though. My friend Arch called my some bad names because I couldn’t figure out WordPress, so maybe that’s why I just threw up an easy left-oriented picture of Sheldon Souray. Whatever, Arch works at home and has a gigantic melon and drinks wine spritzers.

What’s the Point?

The point is that there are very few current Oilers I enjoy cheering for. Yeah, some of them do stuff good-like sometimes, but lately they’re just boring. Last night was awful. I’m happy Penner keeps putting up points, but there’s nobody that blocks shots with their feet twice in one shift a la Jarrett Stoll a couple years ago. Without Hemsky, and with Souray playing like he did when Jason Spezza roasted him in Montreal, Tom Gilbert throwing one hit per month, and Sam Gagner playing his age, this team is devoid of a hero.


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