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Hemsky is Out

December 14, 2009
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This is what it feels like to run outside and start the Wagon at 9 so I’ll be able to drive home at 1 in the morning. Seriously, for a brief period of time we lived in the single most coldest place on the continent. That’s ridiculous, Mrs. Nylander was right.
Randomness (Or, I’m bored and I’m trying to get used to writing every other day)
1. Like anyone else, I can’t stand it when a referee tries to turn a game into his show. It’s extremely obvious, everybody in the crowd can tell, and it’s really embarassing to watch. Does swimming have refs? Like, synchronized swimming? I’ll bet they do. Being involved in and around Edmonton for a lot of games it’s fairly painful when you shake a ref’s hand at the beginning of the game and you see that the twinkle in his eye is telling you that you’re in for a gonger. Seriously, get a new job you idiots, buy an ice cream truck and make sure you’ve got a lot of room in the back.
2. Recruiting players for a spring hockey team is turning out to lack a lot of the fun and excitement I figured would come along with it. Pretending to be a GM for twelve-year olds should be fun, but it’s not. Thank christ I’m not one of these guys that attaches his name to aspiring young players that already have talent. I’m way more excited to see some of the kids I’ve taught that looked like bambi on the ice grow up and make hockey into a worthwhile pasttime. Past-time? Unlike some of the beer league donkeys I’m watching right now, who should concentrate exclusively on standing up instead of trying to brush another guy’s teeth with their sticks.
3. One time I got kicked out of a game because a ref gave me a penalty for asking him to let his buddy (the other zebra) know that drinking only a six-pack before his next game would suffice, he didn’t need to down an entire box of champagne. He blew the whistle, I asked him how he liked his sparkiling grape fruit juice, he gave me a penalty, and I told him to make it count, and suggested that he play a quick game of hide-and-go-f*^k yourself. My ten year-old players thought I was instantly way more awesomer, and my mom told me that she’d miss me when I was burning in hell.
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