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6 Hockey Tips: Passing the Rondelle (French)

December 11, 2009
We all want to pass the puck like Doug, but I used a picture of Mr. Dangles yesterday, so in honour of his recent hot streak (that I knew would happen, because he’s just a killer to watch): today we all want to pass like Lubo.
6 Hockey Tips:
How to Pass the Puck
1. Square to the Target:
I’m not a fan of teaching kids to turn away from their target and sweep the puck across the front of their body. Use stationary passing to encourage square shoulders facing the direction of the intended target.
2. Independant Upper Body: We should be teaching young players to pass using their arms without moving their feet or transferring weight. Save the weight transfer for shoot learnin’. Keep your little guy or gal’s hands off of their hips, so they use their arms independent of their legs. Like Michael Flatley, Lord of the Dance, whose limbs flail about as if independent from his body.
3. Hard Passes: Pass the puck hard. Get it? Preach this early and often, it’s just as important for the passer as it is for the receiver to get used to receiving hard passes. Some great verbs I use to enforce this: zippy, snappy, whippy, scrumtrillescanty.
4. Aim at Your Target: Don’t point the toe of your stick at the target, use the entire blade, but mostly the heel as a guide to send the puck straight and true, or strong and free, whichever floats your boat.
5. Have Muscle, Will Travel: (What?) If your young paduwan learner has noodles for arms, let them know that wheelchair basketball is a better option (irony). Seriously, they need to hold their stick like they mean it, and put some sauce behind the pass.
6. Empirical Research: Tell them to watch the Edmonton Oilers for a three game stretch to view all the correct and incorrect ways to pass the puck. Actually, just watch one shift and they’ll get to see every kind of pass imaginable, a couple sui’s, pucks in the feet, and then a rocket laser beam tonight against St. Loius from Lubomir Visnovsky right on the tape. Book it.
Next up: Make mit der shoosting!

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