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Consistently Inconsistent

December 4, 2009

I didn’t really get to watch the game last night because I was on the ice coaching. Oh wait, I planned the entire practice to take place beneath the goal line in one end because I could watch the TV’s in the restaurant that’s attached to the rink. “How do I take a wrist shot?” “Simple, Johnny! Just watch Patrick O’Sullivan shoot the puck. Oh wait, no, check out Lubomir Visnovsky instead. Uh, that’s no good, maybe let’s watch O’Sullivan again. Wow, how about just watch this blind guy on the street trying to push snow out of the way. Yep, better example.”
The buzzwords for the last couple of years have been ‘consistently inconsistent,’ and boy does that ring true this morning. How does one predict what is going to happen with this team on any given night? Who is going step up? Patrick O’Sullivan was given the game’s first star by the team’s website, but I don’t really understand why. Based on my addmittedly weak research base, it looked like O’Sullivan got a lucky goal, and then made a nice move on his second that he should have been making for about 29 games now. Maybe I’m being harsh, but if he fell down on the second like it looked was going to happen then we’d be singing a different tune today.
In any event, last night’s tilt seemed like a donkey-esque sort of match. I do like O’Sullivan, I think he’s one of the guys that will come around and the team needs to be patient with, unlike Erik Cole and other players of that ilk. I like the fact that Des-Lawyers-eh seems to be getting a little more comfortable, I think he’s a better version of Garon, much like Keeanu Reeves in Youngblood was solely trying to one-up legendary Chiefs tender Denis Lemieux. Obviously the Oil are going to be fine if they’ve got a french Candian goalie. It’s been scientifically proven that this is why The Pittsburgh Penguins won the cup last year.
Thanks a whole bunch to the CBC for screwing me out of an awesome weekend in Lloydminster. Being on the road with the team and watching the Oilers on Hockey Night in Canada is probably the best thing that I’ll ever do in my life, but now, thanks to some awesome planning, we won’t see that the rest of the year. It’s bad enough that I’ll remember the Oilers on the big show this year getting their eyes pumped shut by Vancouver last weekend, but now I have to go rip up and down the waterslides in Luxurious Lloyd instead of kicking back after a hard day of yelling my head off at twelve year olds. I get that Toronto and Montreal drive the revenue and all that mumbo-jumbo horse garbage, but seriously, doesn’t the CBC show multiple games anyway? Like, shouldn’t there be a choice?
Actually, scratch that, if I was running the show, I would decide the schedule monthly, and the Oilers and Leafs would be gassed so quick that Nikolai Khabibulin wouldn’t even have a chance to sweat it out. Haha! He has a water-retaining problem!
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